PCSC Clear Voice PA Systems

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Product Description

Clear Voice™ is a Magentic Audio Device (MAD) that uses Planar Technology to generate the clear audio signal. The Clear Voice “transducer” generates a single, perfectly shaped sound wave that can travel long distances while delivering superior intelligibility. This advanced technology also provides the ability to generate an intelligible signal at a volume level that is up to 10db lower than the ambient noise level of the operating environment, reducing the risk of hearing damage to the operator and those in close proximity.

Unlike Conventional Speakers
Conventional speakers and horns use a cone shape to project sound toward its intended target. When sound is generated from a conical device, multiple signal waves are generated from reflection and multiple phase emission which results in distortion. The further the sound travels, the more distortion occurs, resulting in a less intelligible message over long distances.

Clear Voice is available in many configurations starting with the “Portable” LT-PMS to large speaker arrays to meet your particular application.

  • Long Throw Planar Magnetic Speaker
  • Magnetic Audio Device (MAD)
  • Military Grade Technology
  • Perfect Articulationn 200 Meter Distances with Models Ranging up to 1600 Meters
  • Reduced Risk of Hearing Damage
  • Handheld, Battery Operation
  • Long Operating Times
  • Unlike Conventional Megaphones
  • Mass Notification
  • Active Emergencies
  • Lock Downs / Stand-offs
  • Campus Safety / Security
  • Crowd Control / Public Alerts
  • Law Enforcement
  • Military / Tactical / Non-lethal
  • Natural Disasters
  • Events, Stadiums, Arenas
  • Industrial / Commercial